LIFE – 2019

I wasn’t sure I was going to do a post for word of the year this year. Then BAM.

The oldest sent a text this morning “Mom you gonna watch that new Boy George music video today?” “New Boy George? And can he really call himself boy anymore? Old George?”

Well I bow to the Master Boy George. BLOWN AWAY!

The video and the message went right along with my thoughts this morning.

I need to stand on the love of myself and move forward knowing that I can do this.

“All of my chances are in my hands Stepped out of the darkness, found out who I am” – LIFE Boy George & Culture Club


Space Worms Riding a Dragon

“Morning Daddy. The space station caught the dragon and there were 30,000 worms on board!”

Total dumbfounded look.

Maybe I should have waited until after his coffee. 🤣


*The International Space Station received the SpaceX Dragon re-supply cargo ship.  There are 30,000 worms on board for an experiment.

TV the Pacifier

You know how when you want some peace and quiet with some kids you can turn on their favorite show?  Well I recently found out that Daddy does that with me.

One day we were sitting in our chairs and while Daddy was channel surfing, I was yacking it up. Talking about who knows what. Probably anything and everything. He settled on a channel and the next thing I realize I had been silent for some time because I got enthralled in the program.  I turned to him and jokingly said “Did you turn this on so I would shut up?”  He got the biggest grin on his face.  “OMG you did!”

It is a technique he uses quite frequently now and I’m usually a few minutes in before I realize. “HEY!”  He grins and I go back to staring at the tv. It works. Lol

You might think it is cartoons or My Little Pony or #ExtremeSquirrelPorn but no it’s Expedition Unknown with Josh Gates.  It’s that beard. 😊




me:   You’re beautiful.

Daddy:  You say the same thing to the dog!

I don’t understand why he isn’t flattered.  It’s obviously a high compliment. He knows how much I love that dog.




Rainbow Pants the Double Standard

In a crowd of jeans and black t-shirts the rainbow stretch pants drew my attention. Oh Wow OMG Look Away Don’t Stare. Whipping my head to look at the ceiling Yeah real subtle. It was apparent he was not wearing anything to contain himself under those tights.  His “directional indicator” (credit to a friend) was very eye catching.

Later at Hooters… I am assessing the ass and tits of every waitress. Why is it the man in rainbow tights made me uncomfortable?

Why is the Gynecologist appointment so emotional?

Some people dread the annual gynecologist appointment but I really don’t.  I dread the waiting. That office seems to have the greatest potential for long delays. This year I decided to make a dentist appointment in the same day so I could justify taking the entire day as sick time. I loathe my job so much that I’m willing to endure those two appointments just for a day off.  Of the two I am really dreading the dentist.

That said the gynecologist office leaves me emotional in the last few years. It’s a reminder of my age and stage of life that creates sadness. The waiting room is full of pregnant women and women hauling new babies. There are dads that have come along to witness the ultrasound. I am here alone. As I wait for the doctor in my designer paper gown I hear the whooshing of the heartbeat monitor next door. I remember those times though now more than eighteen years ago. How did that time go so fast?

Four pregnancies, three live births I recount again for the doctor. Yes I can laugh without peeing myself and make it to the bathroom on time. “Wahoo You wouldn’t believe how uncommon that is for your age” she remarks. Sigh I’m 43.

It has become more emotional each year and yet I appreciate where I am at. I was fortunate to have that previous stage a few times over. I am there alone but so far everything is routine. There is the other side when the husbands come along because the news is not so good.

I don’t know maybe I’m just emotional because I have to go to the damn dentist next.



I love you.

I know it is something I say no less than 99 times a day. I so want to take pen to paper and write words that will paint a beautiful picture of heartfelt expression. Though I am just not that articulate. I try but I am never satisfied that I have done justice to my feelings for you. When I say I love you through tears or bursts of giggles know that it is not just something that I say it is something that I feel deep in my soul.

Twenty-five years passed in the blink of an eye. We’ve been through so much and yet I swear it was yesterday we giggled through our wedding vows. I’d do it with you all over again. You have given me a wonderful life.

Celebrating this milestone by fulfilling the promise of the yellow rose was perfect. I know there are plenty of dreams that we have yet to envision. So, here’s to the second twenty-five and may we lay the ground work for the third twenty-five.

I love you Daddy

❤ -p

P.S.  Please don’t kill me for filling your car with balloons. 😉