I call him Daddy

I call him Daddy. That still sometimes strikes me as odd and I laugh because I can’t believe it. Never never did I think I would ever call him Daddy. I am learning in this never say never. 😉

It always drove me nuts to hear women call their husbands daddy.  Daddy has an Aunt that I don’t care for that did it all the time. It was like nails on a chalkboard to me.

About two months in to our D/s I was discovering more of myself and I had the increasing urge to call him Daddy.  It just seemed to fit so much nicer than Sir.  I started calling him Daddy in my head.  I couldn’t say it out loud. The thought of telling him scared me more than telling him I wanted D/s. I was really afraid it would weird him out. We were very new to all of this and I knew he didn’t know much about the dynamic.  We also have kids and I just thought the whole idea would scare him and he would reject it.  Reject me.

The desire was there though and I was afraid it would just burst out. I almost put it in a text but I knew I needed to see his face.

So I sent him this article that I thought gave a great intro to both sides of the DD/lg dynamic. I wanted him to read it and process it before we talked.  If it was going to shock him I didn’t want to see his face.

I was so nervous when we sat down to talk about it but it was unnecessary. Like he has done with all of this he said he accepted it as part of me. He has said that if he denies what’s inside of me then he is not the husband he wants to be.       I love you Daddy!


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