Choosing / Choice

The topic of choosing or choice seems to be coming up a lot lately. Maybe it is just revealing itself to me at a time I am accepting of it.
First WWA’s post about love being a choice. Then I read this on fb today. 

 “When we allow our partners the sincere freedom to choose as they desire – even to the extent that we make peace with the possibility that they may actually not choose us – we often become even more attractive to them.
For the one thing most people so deeply want in an intimate relationship is to be with a partner who not just accepts them for who they truly are, but who enthusiastically chooses them for it.
If your partner doesn’t enthusiastically choose you, let them go.
Anyway, you want a partner, not a prisoner.” – Bryan Reeves
I started following him after a sub’s missives posted an article of his in one of her posts.
Have I told you all how much I love you and how you make me think? 😉
Not only do we need to make a choice but we want our partners to choose us as well. Not just in a “I’m here aren’t I?” kinda way. Uhmmm cough cough Daddy? (His favorite saying that drives me crazy.)  

I want the choice to be a conscious choice to be fully emotionally intimate in the relationship.  

I believe the best way to do that is to work on myself and make sure I am something he wants to choose. He may love me but am I happy to be around? Do I make him feel special? I think of late I can answer that as a Yes. Yes I am and Yes I do. I can’t express what choosing to submit to him has done for me so far. I can’t get it in words that do it justice. It has helped with these two things and so much more. 


I Love You All

I so love the bloggers I have found here. You all share such warm heartfelt emotions. I’m regularly crying when reading your posts.
Oh the kink is HOT but reading about how much you admire and appreciate your mate makes me beam.
I enjoy them whether you like myself are coming to this after many years of marriage or you are just finding or looking for your soul mate.
Helps to know I am not alone when you share your challenges as well.
Thank you for sharing your personal journeys. I can identify with things a lot of you have written and it is truly helping me to understand myself.
Just don’t tell anyone I care about people. I have a reputation of only caring about animals. 😉

Happy Anniversary Daddy

I …

submit to you my mind body and soul for I have been yours for twenty-three years

respect you as head of our house because it makes me happy to do so

give you control to lead us and that brings me peace

no longer fight you simply to prove I am strong I know you see my strength

feel vulnerable as I bare everything and yet safe in your arms knowing you will protect me

relax knowing you will not abandon me

thank you as you have been loving and accepting as I find who I am

admire you for your patience in letting me be me

have ended my internal fight against a women’s duty and complete household chores with your approval in mind because it pleases me to take care of you

appreciate all the years you have done these things yourself because I have not appreciated it in the past

long to fulfill those sexual desires you were never before comfortable expressing

trust you will meet my needs and fulfill the wants as you see fit

believe in everything you do

love your ability to make me feel beautiful loved and desired

do anything for you because I respect and honor you but please don’t make me say that one thing because Daddy I am the Lucky One

Ramblings of the Day

I love this man he’s the center of my universe. Why wouldn’t he be foremost in my mind all day? Why wouldn’t I love and honor and seek ways to express that all of the time? How is that weakness? How is caring for your most special thing seen as wrong? He has always been but I didn’t know how to show that. Honestly I was probably waiting for him to show me first. I cannot direct his actions only mine. If he is who I think he is his response to my actions while not exactly as I see them in my mind will serve my needs and be the love adoration and peace that soothes my soul. A circle flows once it’s started BUT someone has to start it. Jump in start it and patiently wait for the momentum to begin

Does This Describe Me?

In my quest to identify myself I’m making a list on the way to work. I start with all of the obvious relationships. Wife, mother, daughter, sister, friend. Ok what else describes me? What do I like? First thing that pops into my head… anal I like anal. lmao I started my day with a chuckle. 🙂