Talked His Way Into My Heart

Twenty three years ago he asked me to be his girlfriend. 

We spent the entire evening in my room just talking. Really that is all we did.

It was two am when my Dad opened the door looking for him. Sirs parents had called and woken him up.

I have had some of the best nights of my life just talking with him. When we are communicating well the relationship flows. Silence is the killer for me. I realize that now more than ever. I always thought it was when sex was good the relationship was but it seems that sex and communication are closely tied together. When one is suffering so is the other. 

I had already asked for some discussion time tonight. I have things I have to get out. I struggle with not wanting to appear unsubmissive but I can’t let anything sit for too long or I breakdown. I broke down last night and this morning. Bouncing it all off a friend I realize I need to communicate with him.

I’m sure we won’t be up till 2am but it is fitting we spend the anniversary talking. 


3 thoughts on “Talked His Way Into My Heart

  1. It’s just my opinion mind you, but asking to speak about your needs is not unsubmissive! I know how difficult it is to ask for what you need and hope you aren’t giving the impression you aren’t grateful for their efforts and strides. It’s a tough balance, but being open about your feelings and expressing your gratitude as well as your needs is a good thing!!


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