Happy Anniversary Daddy

I …

submit to you my mind body and soul for I have been yours for twenty-three years

respect you as head of our house because it makes me happy to do so

give you control to lead us and that brings me peace

no longer fight you simply to prove I am strong I know you see my strength

feel vulnerable as I bare everything and yet safe in your arms knowing you will protect me

relax knowing you will not abandon me

thank you as you have been loving and accepting as I find who I am

admire you for your patience in letting me be me

have ended my internal fight against a women’s duty and complete household chores with your approval in mind because it pleases me to take care of you

appreciate all the years you have done these things yourself because I have not appreciated it in the past

long to fulfill those sexual desires you were never before comfortable expressing

trust you will meet my needs and fulfill the wants as you see fit

believe in everything you do

love your ability to make me feel beautiful loved and desired

do anything for you because I respect and honor you but please don’t make me say that one thing because Daddy I am the Lucky One


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