I Belong To Him

I have craved that sense of belonging. Looked for my fit. I think I still need to have a group of others I can talk to but ultimately I belong to him. I think I’ve always thought that but now I truly feel it. 

I wanted to be miss independent doing things for myself and not really answering to anyone. I didn’t just come and go. I did let him know where I was or a general idea. I was not inconsiderate of him. I believe that mindset actually made me feel alone and lost. Not feeling like anyone truly cared where I was or what happened to me. I know that he did care. He was allowing me to be how I wanted to be. Never wanting to squash my independence. I think I truly need some guidance some oversight. Answering to him is proof to me that I matter. I am under his wing and he will take care of me. Ugh!! To think I’ve resisted and mocked it all along not knowing it is what I unconsciously craved.

I need and want to belong to him. I do belong.


8 thoughts on “I Belong To Him

  1. Wise man who let you figure this out for yourself.
    I felt stifled when I wasn’t allowed to do what I wanted just because he had no interest in doing it. And neglected when I did things I enjoyed but he wouldn’t show up for the show.
    What I truly would have wanted was for him to show a minimum of interest in what I was doing. It never happened. Because it simply wasn’t what he liked doing, so why should he show any interest. Ugh!
    My story sucks. Sorry, shouldn’t have brought it up.
    Yours sounds much nicer! I’m glad for you that you found what you really need.

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    • Man has patience of a saint. He does live with four females. lol
      That is another lesson showing interest and being supportive even when it isn’t your thing. I have learned it’s important to him regarding his coaching.
      I can’t live in the past in regret but I do wish it hadn’t taken so long and such distance to learn.

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