Overreact Much?

I overreact when it comes to him. If everything is good between us the world is right. If it’s not well then the world has ended.
As I walked I didn’t think I could do this anymore. My heart was open and vulnerable and crushed by his silence and distance from me. I didn’t think I could keep going through that.
Today everything is well and I can’t imagine being without my Daddy. We haven’t talked yet because I still think he needed a day to de-stress. So I stayed by his side and did everything I could for him and waited till late tonight to ask if we can talk tomorrow.
I will let him know I how I felt. I will also let him know that I know I need to work on this reaction. I can’t keep throwing the baby out with the bathwater. I wouldn’t have what I have today and that is more than I knew possible just six months ago.
Thanks to everyone that listened. Especially WWA. 🙂


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