Trying to fit in

I don’t know why I’m trying so hard to fit in.

In the end only Daddy matters but sometimes you just need someone other than Daddy to talk to. Sometimes Daddy needs you to have someone else to talk to.

I won’t kiss ass and fawn all over someone I’m not in agreement with. I can be polite but it eats at me. I want to recognized and not ignored.

I have this need to feel like I fit somewhere and yet I never really feel like I fit and I cannot make myself go along with the crowd just to fit in.

I don’t do well in group situations. I will only speak up if I’m very confident and if I’m laughed at or discounted I will withdraw and not speak up again.

I do better one on one but I also have a hard time getting to know anyone. It is hard to get to know someone like myself because I’m introverted and I really need someone more extroverted to draw me out.

I am sure the answer in this is to stop trying to fit in. It’s just hard. Maybe it is that all or nothing thing. I feel like I have to agree with everything or be exactly like the others to consider myself fitting.



20 thoughts on “Trying to fit in

  1. Be yourself. And if people don’t like or accept you for who you are, what you believe in or your convictions, fuck em. They aren’t worth knowing you. And they don’t deserve your time or energy!

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  2. I second what everyone has said…I am an extroverted introvert. I can be outgoing and social but it takes a LOT from me and I need the alone time to recharge. I am also a in a world run and ruled by the Amazon women who want to control the world and here I sit with my slave heart craving to be owned and conquered instead. I always feel out of place….everyone in my vanilla life is a “strong, independant, i don’t need a man” type of woman. I NEED a Daddy Dom to take care of me, I need him to own me and treasure me and it is a hard thing to explain to others. however, I have found so many here that understand these things that I no longer feel out of place but rather, I choice the world that I spend the most time in and tolerate the other. (Giggle)

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  3. You all are too sweet.
    The blog group seems to be the exception. You are all very welcoming. I don’t know I thought when I came to discover this part of me I had found “it”. Then I found that I’m not a formal by the book sub.
    I know there’s no book.
    Guess I’m coming to terms with not fitting in with that group and it feels like Nope I don’t fit here either.
    Probably just means more work to be done on myself. 🙂


  4. Tora, I can relate to how you feel. I’ve only recently found friends with whom I honesty feel I fit, and my circle is very small. But I’ve learned I prefer it that way. I truly believe that as you travel this path you will continue to uncover and learn or about you and connect with others. I feel connected here, the people in this community are open and kind. We have a common thread, all of us. Take your time, reach out, and enjoy yourself. You need not change to fit anywhere!! Others should accept you as you are… should you. 💜

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