Big / Little

Odd thing to think that I could grow up and find my little at the same time.

I say grow up because I am learning how to deal with disappointment and direction and not throw a temper tantrum in the form of ignoring him or being pissy.


4 thoughts on “Big / Little

  1. I still get pissy, throw fits though they are rare now, pout, sulk, skulk, but I can’t stay mad for long. My Daddy is too beautiful inside and out. I love him too much to be mad at him.

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      • Don’t even get me started on football. I am all about the Titans and every year I am disappointed, miserably. Daddy is a Buffalo fan through and through, our oldest is all about the Dolphins and our youngest is so far up the Patriots asses the only time he sees daylight is when they open their mouth. Specifically, Tom Brady. I do have to say I like Gronk. He is like a big kid with a great personality. But girl, I’m all about that football. I always take off work the Monday after Superbowl, so what does that tell ya? 🙂

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