In Awe

Watching him fix the window in the van. I’m in awe. How does he know how to do this? I didn’t question him. “Do you know what you are doing?” (I don’t do that now.) I trusted that he did. Later when I thanked him for fixing the window. (I do that now.) He said I have no idea how I got it put back together. I laughed and he said No I’m serious I couldn’t find a diagram anywhere. I guessed.

Laying in the crook of his arm while he talked about our fantasy football team I was in awe. It is something we are doing together even though I know nothing about it. I just listen to him talk stats. I’ve never paid attention before and now it’s fascinating to listen to him.

I am in awe of this male creature. Yes they are different but so amazing. When I stop thinking they are stupid and incapable I can truly appreciate everything they bring to the table. When I allow myself to feel vulnerable and protected in his care I wonder why I didn’t try this years ago.


6 thoughts on “In Awe

  1. This is both a sweet and lovely post. Men need to feel valued for what they do just as much as we do. It is wonderful when two souls meet who can give that to the other 🙂
    I’m happy for you!

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  2. i see so much of this in LM and am further astounded that he does all the physical stuff as a southpaw. i am in awe of his analytical abilty and fascination with numbers. Fellow football pooler here, too. i respect and honor all that He is. ~~tasha 💜

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