I have issues with comparing. Shocker! I know. 😉

Comparing can be very bad. I unfairly judge myself, my life and my Daddy.

It is bad when I believe that everyone else is having hot wild sex several times a day and I’m not. Don’t laugh! Some people really are. Ok maybe they aren’t. I am not one to embellish the truth or make it seem my life is something that it is not. So I guess I don’t always see that others’ lives are not exactly as they portray.

It is bad when I envy what someone else has. What I am not realizing is that it really doesn’t suit me and if I had it I probably wouldn’t like it. Some things should remain fantasy.

Comparing can also be good. It can be a relief when you find you are not alone. It helps to find that others feel the same way or deal with the same struggles. It can be comforting to read a blog post that takes something in your life and clarifies it in a way you hadn’t thought of before.

I need to focus on the comparisons that make me feel better instead of worse. I need to stop and realize that this person may be blowing smoke or talking about their own fantasy. If I am having a hard time keeping that in check then I need to minimize myself from the source until I can think about it rationally. I should surround myself with those that are real and supportive.



9 thoughts on “Comparing

    • All kidding aside princess, I let go of everyone but those who have honest dialogue with me off of this merry go round . I’m way past the stage in life to give a $&@ about comparisons of any kind. I was never into the numbers nonsense or the culture club – I wanted freedom thinkers and I found them. Feed on what fills your heart or resonates, spit out what you can’t digest

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      • I hope it’s not masturbation. I love Culture Club! My favorite is Karma Chameleon. 🙂 Wait I got side tracked. lol Yes it’s another case of thinking that over there looks good but really it is not me. I’m learning. I think oh I hope!


  1. I am so critical of myself it’s ridiculous. I’m too fat, my legs look like chicken legs, I have thunder thighs, my hair looks stupid, when I wear make up it’s messed up. If there is a flaw on me, I’m gonna find it. But by the same token, I don’t care what others think of me, except my Daddy of course! His is the only opinion that matters.

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  2. I love the ‘behind-the-scenes vs highlight reel” one!
    Yes, don’t compare. Don’t judge either. It makes life so much easier.
    Ok… I’m not a master in that art by far! 😉
    But I do agree it feels good to see that you’re not alone. Stay focused on that. And even when you see other things that you like, don’t think that it is always like that!
    I used to be overly critical of myself. It brought me only heartache and depression. I’m trying to get better now 🙂

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