Why can’t I remember?

I am working through a book for children of divorce. I am trying to figure out why I react the way I do. The course has a lot of writing tasks involved. I am supposed to be writing about memories surrounding the divorce and how I felt about them at the time as well as now. The problem is I don’t remember much and I don’t remember feeling much. I was about 13 at the time so it is not the case of being too young. I can’t even really remember when they told us they were getting a divorce. My parents never openly fought so I know it had to be a shock but I can’t recall. I always said it didn’t affect me much. My Dad was still in our lives we were with him two nights a week and every other weekend.

Now more than twenty years later it affects me very deeply. That’s why I’m trying to work through it and it is frustrating that I can’t remember things that should have left a big impression on me.


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