Permission To Play

I woke up this morning really wanting to get myself off. At this point I am still to be given permission for that.  

When researching and learning about the D/s I was told I shouldn’t want to play without him at all. In the beginning that was ok but if there were nights that we did not play I would begin to get irritable. He would sometimes leave me a note that I could play but to me that felt like he was doing it because he felt guilty. I didn’t like that and I was also made to feel by others that it was wrong so I wouldn’t. 

Then I read the blog of someone who plays on her own regularly. She wrote so beautifully about not needing to orgasm herself while she is with her Dom. Her focus and satisfaction is on him and his pleasure. I guess as a submissive it should always be but I know I’m not there yet. I know it is Daddy’s desire for me to orgasm every time but that isn’t always going to be possible. So I told Daddy of what I read and that I thought maybe if I played more on my own I would calmer during those in between times and find that I could focus on him and not be so concerned with whether or not I would get off. I was looking to get the needing permission taken away but that didn’t happen. I guess he’s finding he likes that. He did tell me that he gives me permission not out of guilt but as a reward for having patience. 

After the discussion he has been giving me permission more frequently and I am always allowed to ask. I look at his permission as a gift. Most importantly we do what works for us. Not what someone else says we should. 

So this morning I’m lying in bed wondering if he gave me permission and if not should I ask. Do I need it that bad? Kinda I get up to check my morning note. No exercises, play, orgasm, send pictures. 😀


9 thoughts on “Permission To Play

  1. Guess I could have just said He lets me get myself off and I don’t care what you think.
    I like reading how others do things because I can learn what might fit us better.
    It’s a big step for me to go against “the norm” and say I don’t care it works for us.

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  2. The only two that count are you and Daddy, everyone else’s opinion is just that, an opinion! Finding what works for the two of you is what makes it special and what makes it yours! Treasure it … 😀 it’s better that way!

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  3. I certainly don’t see why playing without him should be a problem, or why even wanting to play without him should be one.
    I mean… who is to decide what is normal? To many, D/s isn’t normal. Yet, does it mean that what you have with your Daddy is a bad thing?
    I’m glad you were able to go with what works for you. And maybe, just maybe, you learnt along the road that when he gave you permission all these other times, it wasn’t out of guilt, but because he loves you and wanted you to be happy? Maybe it was just your mind playing tricks on you?
    I have learnt never to assume anything but ask. Discuss. It usually helps 🙂
    Glad you got what you needed. And think about it that way: so did he! He got a happy wife to come home too 🙂

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