I’m Late

One of Daddy’s expectations of me is that I be at work on time. I punch the clock so I only get paid when I’m there. My boss is very flexible and I’m not penalized. Hmmm I see a pattern of the situations I seek out. Anyway it’s not a big deal if I’m late except to Daddy. So I’ve been doing my best at getting there on time. Although I’m mostly barely squeaking in. I was late once this week. I let him know. He said don’t make a habit out of it. This morning it was looking like I wasn’t going to make it. Then that stupid gas light went on. Do you think I have an issue with procrastination? Anyway it was becoming apparent I was going to disappoint him again and it made me upset. Truly upset that I would let him down. It was a change to feel emotional because of something he valued not myself. The traffic was in my favor and a little speed involved but I made it with a minute or two. So the question is next week can I actually get out of bed when the alarm goes off.


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