Nothing Like A Good Hair Pattern

ok so this post had me staring for a while 😉

I love a hairy chest!
Seriously I think it’s icky when guys shave their chest. Unless he’s like super ripped abs then ok by all means show them off. Otherwise you just look silly.

I remember my mom used to have this torn out of the magazine. I think the dog destroyed hers.


Pierce just the name gives shivers.


Now here is muscle and hair but I think there was a lot of manscaping going on here. wtf?!? Any excuse to look at this man and OMG the accent. Whew!! Oh and looking down your computer screen isn’t going to help get a better view. Not even if you tilt it up. 😉


8 thoughts on “Nothing Like A Good Hair Pattern

  1. I love hair too. I love the feel of the soft curls under my fingers.
    And then, sometimes, I like a hairfree body.
    But I think, mostly, it depends on how comfortable the man is with either (I’ll admit that chest hair on a woman doesn’t turn me in. At all!).
    What I like least is hair just growing back from being shaved…

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