A Plan

The Submissive has a plan. She knows her true self and that she is stronger than the Bitch and the Lonely Child. She will try her best to remain true to herself at all times.

If the Submissive canโ€™t keep the Bitch at bay she will summon all her strength to take charge and demand that Bitch get to her knees. From there she can be contained.

If the Submissive sees the Lonely Child she will not allow her fears to carry them away. The Submissive will pick her up and walk her to Daddy so he can take care of her.


8 thoughts on “A Plan

  1. We have a lot in common! But I don’t react outwardly. I stuff it all in and let it fester and eat me alive. And then I start to give up. I too am learning I need bring it all to daddy and let him lead me.

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    • When I’m hysterically crying I hide. In the bathroom usually. I want him to come get me. To prove his love and essentially fight for me. It’s not his way and it’s an unfair expectation. I also assume it’s over. Whether that’s the D/s or the marriage. The D/s has caused more of these instances because I am feeling and not just shutting him out. We do recover much quicker but I need to stop the cycle. I hope in figuring it out I can. I’m not trusting him when I do this. I realize how much I hurt him this weekend.

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