Thanks For Keeping It REAL

I have received so much great practical advice from the blogging connections I have made. The support has been amazing. I have emailed several ladies and had one give me her number to text her. She has listened when I was an emotional mess. Another has talked me through a similar occurrence. I try to not burden any one person. 😉

Getting different perspectives in how couples make the D/s work for them instead of trademarked rhetoric has made a huge difference for me. It has been comforting to have others point out the different ways he may be displaying his dominance instead of being told how he should act and feeling crushed that he isn’t measuring up.

I hesitated jumping in to blog land. I didn’t know if I had much to share and worried about being vulnerable. I’m still not sure I write about anything of substance and what was supposed to be a blog on my D/s journey seems to be more centered around my realizations in self-discovery. I am glad I put myself out there and reached out to others. That has moved our D/s further along than anything else.


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