Fuck Practical

Beige, khaki, brown my kids make fun of my wardrobe colors. I think I choose them because they are practical. 

My panties have been mostly chosen the same way white, beige occasionally black. I don’t go with loud colors because they have to go under khaki pants. 

As with a lot of things I’ve been stepping out of my safe zone. I bought a hot pink lace thong. Love it! So girly 🙂 From now on I’m going with fun colors and if I run out of practical to go under the khakis I just won’t wear panties. 😉

As far as other clothes I realize I pick the colors I do because I like earth tones and I think I look good in them. So I’ll accessorize with the fun stuff. Maybe on the outside maybe underneath. 😉 Today my jacket my toes and my panties are hot pink. 


4 thoughts on “Fuck Practical

  1. Hot pink and khaki? I think it’s a beautiful combination! As would orange or bright red work, or teal, for that matter! You can choose so many different colours to accessorise! Please, Go for it!! 🙂
    Life is too dull to wear dull colours too (that’s *my* motto, and I’m sticking with it!)

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  2. Look at you, all sassy and pink pantied! Love it! I like earth tones too and I think they best flatter my complexion, but beware of becoming too comfortable and using them to try and blend in to the background.


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