What I Learned

I’ve learned a thing or two this weekend.

Six is too damn many for the camper. Just because it can sleep eight doesn’t mean you can put that many peoples crap in there and stay sane.

He Can be a little bossy and I find that totally HOT.

The dog and I can fit in a tiny fucking bathroom. At least he thinks so.

Kneeling does nothing for Daddy. He is fine with it because he knows it comforts me but he has no attachment to it.

He has to work the nerve up to tell me to get on all fours crawl to him and suck his cock.

He can admit to me that it did.

I can remain quiet when he gets the camper stuck on a dead end road even if I think it’s because he refuses to use his brights. πŸ˜‰

He really won’t make an attempt at enforcing keeping me off social media even when I asked for help unplugging. 

It drives him nuts when everyone else has cellular data but him. 

I can be pretty silent during an orgasm if necessary.

Trout is ok but catfish still tastes is better.

I can wake up at 4am freaking out that this whole attempt at D/s is pointless and crazy and then forget it all when he wakes up and calls me babygirl.

He thinks it’s awesome that I have succeeded at taking our relationship to a level he never thought possible. 


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