Sex is the topic – Camping 2015

Ok our kids are 15, 18 and soon to be 21. Not everyone may agree with it but we openly talk and joke with them about sex. There are a lot of suggestive remarks followed by a lot of EWWWW’s. Sometimes it’s the other way around and some suggestive remark is followed by a parental stare down. It may not be for everyone but I like to think it means the kids know sex is a natural part of everyday life.

No we have not been open about D/s but I have to think they aren’t stupid. They know I read FSOG and one of them read it. There has been a significant change in our relationship in the time since. I often kneel by his chair and I do it in front of them. One child asked if I was buying a submarine because she saw the word sub over my shoulder repeatedly. They can Google. They may have an idea.

It was just so obvious how much we are all comfortable talking about sex when it seemed to be the topic of choice while camping this weekend.

On the way down we passed several “adult” stores and many comments were made about just leaving the 15 year old in the car with the dog. One was all for getting a nice new “outfit”.

One child started looking up alpaca jokes but quickly ended up telling some very nasty jokes for our travel entertainment.

We repeatedly told the story of the last time Daddy and I were in that campground. The oldest was conceived in the woods there. Then not to leave anyone out we had to tell everyone’s conception story.

Someone drew a penis in the condensation on the window of the camper. Grandma will love that if it shows up again. Lmao

The masturbating techniques of dolphins and sex lives of many animals were our camp fire stories as well as jokes about what happened on our walk and when the oldest and her fiancée showered together.

Grandma wanted a log entry in the book for the camper. I told the kids they should just put a few x’s. 😉


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