Daddy has been jealous of the other man in my life for some time. Well Daddy would insist he isn’t a man because he is missing a couple necessary parts. He is my boy though and he is attached to me at all times. I can turn around and not find him because he is that close behind me. We go to the restroom together even in a tiny camper. He is always very excited to see me. When I come in from getting the mail he acts like I’ve been gone FOREVER. He watches for me out the window and as soon as I pull in the driveway he is down to the door to greet me. Jumping and yelling about how glad he is I’m home. How could I not find this enjoyable? I think Daddy could take a hint. 😉

When Daddy and I snuggle on the floor or the couch he is always trying to get in between us. He just wants a cozy snuggle spot. Daddy is not amused. Daddy has several names for him CB (clock blocker), AW (attention whore) and Rihanna (someone referred to her as an AW).

Since our lives have changed in the last several months the jealousy has turned. My boy is the one that seems to be a little miffed. Most nights I will sit next to Daddy on the bed while he finishes some work. The boy isn’t allowed up there. That is Daddy’s domain. The boy will sometimes lay on the floor or find a better offer snuggling with his sister. When it is time for Daddy to go to bed and I close the door so we can do our nightly ritual the boy often stands in the hall refusing to come in. He will eventually sulk off to wait for me to be done.

Daddy often taunts the boy about me liking him better now.

Silly boys!!


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