You ARE Worthy


“He is deserving of my devotion.” You didn’t care for that line in my mantra but you allowed it to stay.

If I could give you a mantra I would have you include “I am worthy of her devotion” in it.

I am not young and I am not naïve. I do not come at this lightly. This is a trust you have EARNED.

I have over twenty years’ research experience on the topic. I have lived with you longer than anyone else. I have seen your work. Your output of raising three young women is impressive. Your standing behind me pushing me along while I fight you at times is commendable. Your commitment to support our family is admirable.

I know you and I know your fear. You will NOT become a “dick” by believing that you are a good person and that you are worthy of my love and devotion.

No one is perfect. It is not attainable but you ARE worthy.

Take it from me. I’m an expert. 😉


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