We received the senior photos for daughter #2 yesterday. They are just gorgeous. Eighteen years later I am again looking at her and then looking at him and thinking “we made that.” We are hosting an engagement party for our oldest and looking at setting a wedding date for early 2017. The youngest is in high school now. She is so tall and wickedly smart ass funny. She gets that from him. Ok heaven help us she’s a combination of us both. 😉

I would be proud of these kids even if he and I were not still together but it is such an emotional thing to be sharing with him. We can reminisce about the short time before kids and look forward to the empty nest together. 

He is the man that talked me through that c-section when I was scared to death and he will hold me when she goes away to college next year. When he walks our daughter down the aisle I know my gaze will be fixed on him. I don’t just see my friend’s cute brother anymore. I see a man that is gorgeous inside and out and I do not remember my life without him.

Right now I am looking forward to having the house to ourselves. It is just off the horizon and I am imagining all kinds of kinky fun. 😉 At the same time I am doing a lot of reflecting on our history because so much of that history is wrapped up in the girls. I am thankful every day that we can still share this together because I also get quite emotional thinking about how my parents were divorced before any of these milestones.


2 thoughts on “History 

  1. Love this! My ex husband and I just married our oldest off this past weekend. Our history with our daughter is beautiful but our history together is less than desirable. I’m so happy you shared this with us. I can feel how proud and happy you are!

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