Dream Analysis

I’ve not been one to put much thought into dream analysis but it’s 5 am and I can’t sleep. I thought I would get up and try to figure out how to word something I want to talk to Daddy about but instead I am analyzing the dream I had.

In the dream some random male needs to get through a gate on a road and I hold the keys. It does seem that I am procrastinating opening it.

So here are a few possibilities I found.


To dream that you are a keeper of keys means a position of authority. – cityofshamballa.net

You being a gatekeeper can represent having a sense of control in your life, or the idea that having control in your life is very important to you right now   – thecuriousdreamer.com

To dream of a gatekeeper represents feelings about someone that is being very careful about letting you into their lives or business. It may also be a sign that you feel pressure to be perfect in order to get approval or make desired progress.

Negatively, a gatekeeper may reflect feelings of not being good enough or being impotent to meet certain demands. Fear of rejection.

To dream of being a gatekeeper represents how careful you are being about letting someone else make progress. Permission you are withholding until certain demands or respect is paid. Protecting something special or choosing to not “let someone in” until they’ve proven themselves.    – dreambible.com


10 thoughts on “Dream Analysis

  1. This is profoundly interesting to me, tora. My dreams are always similar in ways and they always seem to revolve around my need to protect those I love


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