Finding Support

Starting this D/s journey can be confusing and lonely. You probably aren’t going to confide in your vanilla friends and family so you have no one to talk to. If you are one that doesn’t mind the face to face then by all means find a munch to get to know real life people. Personally I’m just too shy to do that at least at this time. If you can’t bring yourself to do that then the internet is a wonderful place of information where you can have anonymity. Google is your friend. If you find groups you don’t fit in or outgrow look somewhere else. Look for another group or find a friend and form your own support group. Start your own blog and put yourself out there. You could also start by commenting on other blogs and strike up a relationship. If a blogger you like offers their email for those that want to reach out – do it! All ways I have found the support I needed. There are people out there that want to chat with others like them. They are more than eager to share what they have learned in their journey. With all that said you do have to look out for yourself. Move on if you aren’t getting what you need but keep looking.  

Ultimately this is about Daddy and me deepening our connection. I appreciate the different avenues I have for support in understanding how to make that work.


3 thoughts on “Finding Support

  1. I agree! Our blog began as an outlet for writing, as I find I communicate better that way. A journal of sorts. I have found a few others like us that I chat with via email and have even met another couple in person that we ‘met’ online first. Support is important. D/s can be trying and emotional. It’s always good to have friends. Email me any time!! -belle

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