Christmas Eve is church then pizza and a movie at home just our family.  A couple years ago the middle kid found it quite disturbing to find out this tradition started when she was young and her father and I had a huge fight on Christmas Eve.

We had decided to stay home because who got the Eve had become an issue amongst family as well as the need to be home early enough to play Santa. We didn’t really have a plan though and I didn’t want to cook and it just seemed like a normal evening and nothing special and I was very upset with that. After an argument over what to do I stormed out and left. I ended up wandering around the grocery store and brought home a pizza and a Christmas movie rental. 

The tradition was born. After the kids were old enough that the Santa thing was no longer necessary we suggested giving in to seeing family but the kids wanted to maintain the tradition.

Before bed I’ll read the three of them The Night Before Christmas. I’ve done this since the oldest was two weeks old. A tradition my father started with my sister and I after the divorce.

It doesn’t matter how or why traditions are born but the joy and the memories they bring.

Happy Christmas to all and to all a good night. 🎄



3 thoughts on “Traditions

  1. Enjoy your traditions! This year, all traditions were thrown out the window… I hated it!
    Hopefully it’ll be better next year! 🙂 (for me I meant!)
    Merry Christmas, enjoy the family!

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