The Daddy Spanker


A few months back I thought I’d try to entice Daddy into spanking me. I’m not going to say where I may have gotten the idea (cough) angel (cough cough).

So I hid a wooden spoon in the bedroom and later that evening I told him I had a new toy. I told him it was The Daddy Spanker. I tried to get a whack in but he was able to get it out of my hands right away. He was a bit playful and accused me of lying because no where did it say The Daddy Spanker on it.  It did not however illicit the response I was hoping for.

I wasn’t giving up however and I had a plan. 😉  I went in search of a new spoon and found a very pretty one with butterflies on it.  At home I got out the solder iron and burned into the handle “The Daddy Spanker”.

I put this in my drawer and waited for the right opportunity.  Daddy couldn’t be in too bad of a mood or it wouldn’t work out right.  A few months passed – HEY I DO have patience. 😉  Ok partly I forgot – out of sight out of mind. When I thought of it the timing just wasn’t right.  It would come up in conversation though. I would tease about getting The Daddy Spanker and he would taunt that there was no such thing.

Then this week we had our Daddy date and we talked a lot. He said he loves my little and enjoys the playfulness. Then he said he liked some sass. 😀  Ding Ding Ding the timing was perfect.

That night I hid the spoon in an accessible spot and after the door was closed I made my move. Of course I did not even get one whack in. He had my wrist and had me pinned to the bed faster than I could move. He started calling me a liar again and I giggled and protested. “Look at it! Look at it! It DOES say The Daddy Spanker!” This time I did get the response I was looking for. I quit protesting as he smacked my ass with it.

He’s still calling me a liar. He said that wasn’t made to be used that way. Hey he asked for sass. 😉

Now if I could just find the damn thing again. He couldn’t have hidden it that well.


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