Did You Get Anything Fun For Christmas?

That question can send me in to a panic as I have to quickly assess who is asking and which items are appropriate to tell them.

I have three categories. There are items in the generally accepted category, for those that won’t judge things that are in the “Little” category and the Adult list which is really only acceptable for those of you here.

Going back to work today I had to be ready for that question so I don’t look stupid stalling while I try to come up with an appropriate response.

A small part of me would love to say “Why Yes I did. A large purple dildo, anal beads and nipple clamps.” I’d love to see the look on their face. 😉


18 thoughts on “Did You Get Anything Fun For Christmas?

  1. See there’s only one person in my department who would take offense to that and he’s very openly, flamboyantly gay. Everyone else would laugh, my boss included, HE on the other hand would flip his shit!

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  2. Well… I didn’t get any present I can’t tell people about, so that makes it easy.
    Believe me, I would have liked to be in your position 😉
    Oh well… I got an invitation to the movies, that counts for something, surely 🙂

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