The Family Home

I get a little sad watching a movie or a tv show where there is something about going back to the family home as an adult. The house you were raised in where your parentS reside.  Does anyone really have that anymore?  Most people move several times now days. Then are your parentS even still together?   It’s a downer even in a hilarious comedy.  By the way HIGHLY recommend Sisters.

We’ve only been in this house five years but I feel like it is our home and where the kids will take comfort in coming back to.  To BOTH of us.


6 thoughts on “The Family Home

  1. My parents live in the same house they built when I was a toddler. My aunt lives in the house (down the hill) my grandparents built when she was in high school. (She’s in her 70s). Staying in those houses was key to them when we were growing up. They represent stability and continuity.

    We have been in our house 13 years now. It’s our first house and we have renovated it with our kids. I like to think the boys find it just as much their house too. I’m hopeful they think of it as lovingly as I think of going home to my parents’.

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  2. My parents have been divorced for almost 18 years. My mom moved out of the family house (the one they built together to raise their family) about 5 years ago. I don’t get to see my family house, because both parents moved away from the city we used to live in, even away from the area.

    As for my kids, they were raised in an expat lifestyle, so know no actual house from when they were kids, but many…


    On the other hand, they are very comfortable even confident travelling by plane, and open minded, and… both things have their advantages and disadvantages I guess 🙂

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  3. We bought and renovated out Dream House. This was the house that I would live in forever. I even picked out the tree I wanted to be buried under. I wanted my kids to have that sense of an Always Home. However, on the day we took our son to college for the first time, and we pulled back into our driveway, I realized that this was our Forever Home because this was where my kids were. I now know that if my children move somewhere far away, I will sell this house in a millisecond and move to be where they are. While I love this framed house, my home is forever and wherever my family is.

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