Oh its a – 2

Part 1

Part 2
You were giddy with excitement writing out your wishlist. You usually got what you asked for so you were quite specific with your desires. You admired others that had it and so you knew exactly how you wanted it to look and how it was going to be used.  However, when you received your gift it was not exactly what you asked for.  Similar but not quite the same. The giver that knows you so well knew you asked for the wrong size. They also thought a different color would really suit you better. They were careful at choosing something that was essentially still the same thing but a much better fit. They love you and they wanted you to be happy with it.

You tried to feign excitement except all you could see was that it wasn’t exactly what you wanted. It didn’t look like everyone else’s and so it must be wrong. You stewed about it not being right. You tried to figure a way to trade it for the one you really wanted. Maybe the giver even gave in and got you the one you wanted all along.

Then one day you realize how right the giver was. The one that was so perfect that you had your heart set on did not fit you. They saw what you couldn’t see. Once you stopped comparing it to others you saw the gift for what it was and it was breathtaking.


10 thoughts on “Oh its a – 2

  1. I guess it so much depends on the person giving it to you. If they truly love you, they will usually do what you just described, gave you the gift that would suit you best, not the one you covet because you think it looks great on everyone else.
    I was never lucky enough to have that. I was never loved enough to be given just what I needed…
    And as I write this, I realise that I am mistaken. I do get this. I do get exactly what I need. He may not realise it is what I need, nor give it to me because he thinks it’s better for me. I have never asked him for anything. But what he does give me is exactly what I need, when I need it.
    And that, my friend, is a really great feeling!

    And I do agree with you, our submission may not be what they expected, nor is it that the way we were expecting it to go is the right one for us.
    As far as I am concerned, I realised something today. I may not be an submissive like most of you are. But today, I gave him all the facts, bared it all, so that he could make the decision for us. I trusted him to do what was the best for himself, but also accepted that that was going to be the best for me.
    I have also felt like kneeling in front of him. Just kneeling, in his presence, I think that would bring me so much peace.
    But I don’t think he is ready for anything of the sort, so… I try to be patient and do only what I don’t think will scare him off. Because right now, I just cannot imagine *not* having him in my life. This kind of love is scary sometimes.


    Great post Princess. Thank you for writing it!

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    • I love this. You didn’t have the right person before. What the two of you have is special. I think we all have ideas of how things should look given to us by others and it takes us a while to realize what fits us is all that matters. Whether that is a traditional vs non-traditional relationship or even how our D/s relationship should look.

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      • Yes. It is harder for some to accept that. I think The Dancer is still wondering why I don’t pursue that ‘serious’ relationship I told him I was looking for. He just cannot accept that, even though what we have doesn’t look like a traditional relationship, I don’t need more, because I have found all I need in him.
        Sigh! The things you get me to write ‘out loud’ 😉
        Considering this, I know that our relationship is subject to changes, and I welcome them. I know that we can figure it out if we both want it. And it looks like for now, we do.
        How that relationship will look in a month, a year, or even longer down the road? I don’t know, and I don’t think I want to know. I want us to figure it out together, as we go.
        Right now, what I’d like already is for my lover to figure out that what we have IS pretty serious (11 months today, surely, that’s not something to dismiss easily!). And that, although it doesn’t look like what he assumes is a serious relationship (moving in together, marriage, whatever else he imagines), it doesn’t make what we have any less.
        Sigh. Ok, let me go get that soup ready, so I can rest enough tonight, and hopefully see him tomorrow 😉

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      • Maybe he hasn’t come to terms with how he thinks relationships have to be. I think you said that he said if he was serious about a woman he would be jealous. He hasn’t realized he can be quite serious and be ok with the things you both enjoy. Time 🙂 I hope you see him tomorrow and have juicy things to write about. 😉

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      • I think that’s exactly it. He is afraid of a ‘serious relationship’ because he thinks it means exclusivity, and he’s not ready for that, and also because he feels that he would surely be jealous if it were serious. Or at least he should be, shouldn’t he?
        But I do think some things have changed in the past two months. He may be more willing to admit to a relationship than he was before. He can see that, even though I told him I love him, and said it again and again, I also told him I don’t plan to change anything, I don’t have an agenda or a timeline. I don’t even have an idea of where I want to go. All I know is that I want to feel love and loved. And for now, I do.
        I do hope I get to see him tomorrow. If not tomorrow, then Sunday night for sure.
        And about writing… it’s a funny thing. Lately, I have been less inclined to writing about our intimacy. I have had less time to write, that’s one thing, but even when I do write… it’s so difficult to render how I truly feel when I’m with him… But I’ll try to finish that series that started in November 🙂

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      • I think you are right. Or around *us*. 🙂
        But that’s nice, I love him for who he is, clueless to love and all 🙂
        I am so happy I put a smile on your face and made your day a little bit brighter. I need to go write a little bit. Two big posts I have churning away inside my brain, one discussing what we’ve just been talking about here…
        I am sure you are looking forward to getting home. I find this is one of the things I have to force myself not to do, wish the hours or the days away. Because the hours and days I would be wishing away are the ones I spend with my kids, and I don’t want to wish that precious time away. This may be the best lesson I’ve learnt with The Dancer. That I can love him, wish I were with him, but still enjoy everything else life has to offer me.
        No, it’s not true. There are other very important things I learnt with him. Too many to write in a comment on your blog 😉


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