Do Men Need Support?

I have tried to get Daddy to reach out for support in learning about his D/s role. He’s really not interested. Tried to get him to chat he says he just hates chat even if it is for a work support thing.

In the beginning it was really hard to hear others talk about how their D’s were talking to others and getting ideas or working through rough spots.  Honestly it still is hard to hear that. Mine is just not interested.

I have found it HUGELY helpful. I am not one to talk about even vanilla difficulties with anyone. Not my best friend or mother or sister. I don’t talk intimately with anyone until now. Through chat and blog it has been so beneficial to me on this journey. Just today i got much needed help calming me down and pushing me forward. Really i felt like throwing in the towel and telling him to fuck off.  Damn Bitch.

He isn’t getting that support and while I think it would help is it really needed?  Do some just get through this on their own?


7 thoughts on “Do Men Need Support?

  1. I can only tell you my personal experience. He had no interest in talking to anyone else either, so, we started talking. I shared things that I read. We began reading books together. I would read out loud to him. It gave us some quiet time together every day. We would discuss after each chapter, or whenever we had something we wanted to talk about. Eventually, he started to go online and look at my blog. Then, go to some of the blogs of others that I followed or followed me. While he isn’t supper chatty, he has now reached out to a few others for thoughts and advice. I think the most important part was we decided where WE wanted to go, before he was comfortable reaching out anywhere else. Your husband may never feel that need or desire to seek information elsewhere, so make sure you are taking care of YOU and continue reaching out for yourself. XOXO 🙂

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  2. D has never, ever been interested in talking to anyone outside with regards to building a dynamic for us. Just like, Amelia and Professor, we built our own house and I must tell you that I fell off the support wagon myself not that long into our journey. I accepted that We/I were not like anyone else I read and didn’t want to be. So other than having become friends I adore and support, they could not help me live my life.

    He will be who HE is, tora and that’s the source of our contentment in this – we are who WE are and no one else’s journey looks, smells or tastes like ours.


  3. Mr F promised one thing … no prescription. He is my Master, my lover and my light.

    He is also not interested in speaking to others – we talk … or I mainly am the one to talk – stories, fantasies, dreams – just plain thoughts . i trust Him completely to follow His lead.

    i think it is generally not in a man’s nature … where it is very much in ours x

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  4. Yea, men don’t generally like to commune as much as we women. Does he stop and ask others for driving directions even when it seems obvious to you that he’s lost? Probably not…but he will get you there eventually his own way. They have to figure it out in their own or it doesn’t count to them. Patience and trust.

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  5. Men do not support in the way women do. We do not empathize and give encouraging words but problem solve. Many men have difficulties in allowing another man problem solve for them. It puts us in a humbled learners seat. I have spoke to other Doms for advice in the past that I cannot say was helpful. I have learned much more through reading; however, wisdom does not occur in a vacuum. We all need experience, but it is only useful WITH knowledge. – Beast

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    • There was a particular source i pushed and he checked out but didn’t find particularly helpful. I’m afraid that might have soured him. Hard lesson learned that I could not force him to join in. The research he has done is more specific skill/technique learning.
      thank you for responding. 🙂


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