Give Up

If this is exhausting then maybe I should give up. There is so much more that I want but if this is too much then maybe I should shut it all down. I can’t look at this and hold out hope. I thought there was worse things… like being alone.


13 thoughts on “Give Up

      • I am sure there are so many layers to your issues. Some you know about and some you don’t. Our minds have a way of making us think things that aren’t really there. If you would ever like to talk privately, I would be happy to do that. I know how desperate and depressed you must feel, because I’ve been there. Get some sleep and I’ll talk to you tomorrow. Try to sleep my friend. I know you need it.

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  1. Princess, I’m so sorry you feel disheartened. Everything changes…there are periods in relationships where you grow closer and then to offset that periods of quiet and even distance. Please breathe and let things settle down so you see everything clearly. Email me if you would like to talk privately. Hugs

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  2. and … go easy on yourself – and don’t doubt yourself – you are truely amazing – you both are –

    don’t give up – breath and believe you will find your way. these times are sent to try and test us … to make us remember why …

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  3. Sometimes sex is not a priority for our men for a variety of reasons. Not all of which we understand. You should stop and give yourself time to consider what else might be at play. I used to assume if Daddy was pleased with me, he would want me. But there were underlying medical reasons we had not realized were screwing with our relationship. Sex is NOT love.

    Whatever foolish things were said in frustration where most like deflections from feeling inadequate by both of you for failing to live up to a perceived ideal.

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