Does He Deserve It?

I was on the bathroom floor crying because that’s where I go. It’s not like I have my own room. He came in and ordered me to stand up and clean myself up. He used a loud demanding voice that he does not normally use. I considered if I would comply. I stood up and stood there with my back to him. He came back in and again demanded I clean up. I ripped the Kleenex out of the box causing it to fall to the floor. I blew my nose and threw the tissue toward the trash can but it didn’t make it. Once again with that tone I was ordered to pick up the box and the tissues. I was pissed off. For one the incident to cause my being upset in the first place and two because NOW he gets all bossy?! What gives him the right now to be that way?  I however did as told.

That’s the key though isn’t it?

There wasn’t some time out to the power I’d given him just because I was upset. If I’m serious about this I will prove to him that I will follow his direction even when I might feel he doesn’t deserve it. Truth is he does deserve it and he has my complete faith.


8 thoughts on “Does He Deserve It?

  1. When difficult times occur and things do not go as planned, emotions can cloud one’s judgement. The submission belle shows me in these moments are the ones I remember most and hold to the highest esteem. It makes me want to do better. I am sure your Dominant is very proud of you. – Beast

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  2. I’m glad you could come to that conclusion that he does deserve it. It means you were able to move past the anger and why you’re married to him.

    This is a lesson for me too… I am really not ready for something like this. I just can’t submit 24/7 like you do. I was denied the right to be me too long. I wouldn’t be able to comply when I feel it’s unfair.
    But I’m glad that you can see that this is what you want, still 🙂

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    • What we have at this point would really be considered lite by most. He doesn’t desire the control that I long for him to take. I know that and maybe that’s why I’m ok with it. If there comes a day he goes far beyond my expectations we shall see how I handle it.

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      • What you have at this point is more than I’d ever be able to give, I think. So it would also be considered a lot by many. Don’t judge what you have based on what others have. Judge it on what you both have, for that’s all that counts.
        It’s like me. I found love in someone who claimed he didn’t want love. But it turns out… he doesn’t shy away from it, and that’s all I need for now, so I’m fine with it 🙂

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      • You are basing on past experience. Your thoughts may change with someone you can really trust. Yes I struggle to only compare to how we once were. I’m getting better. I’m happy for you. 🙂

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      • I already have given so much more to this man than I ever did anyone else, so you are totally right, it depends how much I can trust.
        And I’m willing to watch where this takes us.
        I’m glad you’re getting better and recognising it. That’s all we can do really 🙂

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