Another Reminder

Tonight was a reminder of just how far we have come on this journey.  When he got home he thanked me for “letting” him spend the entire evening out doing what he needed to do for his teams. He was very appreciative that I did not make him feel guilty about it.

Part of me was unnerved that he might still have the mindset that I let him do things. Reality is it does take time to change ways of doing things and ways of thinking.  In the past I would have been rather pissy about it. Lately I’m more likely to be pouty or needy. It’s a big week and I know that so I can only be understanding. I know that we do have a date planned this weekend and I make him happy by being supportive.  He thought about me when he sent me coloring sheets to do while he was away.

I wasn’t expecting anything tonight with him getting home so late. However, I was very well rewarded. 😉


6 thoughts on “Another Reminder

  1. Sayyid does this sometimes and it irks me. Especially when I massage him, his comments and attitude is far from “Dom-like” ie I don’t deserve you, why do you treat me so good, etc. It makes me not want to massage him. But that’s silly….. anyway just wanted you to know I’m reading your blog and relating so much to your early journey. There’s no like buttons on your posts that I can see…..


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