Book Review: Learning Joy

Learning Joy: The Development and Advantages of a Committed Control-and-Compliance Relationship

By Mrs. Slocum



It’s not a how to manual for D/s. Sex is not the main focus in this book. There are not lots of tawdry details. Having said that I believe it is totally worth the read.

The author is very adamant about stating that she does not want you to model your life after hers. This is her example of how it works for them. That of course is wonderful advice. We are all unique individuals and our D/s dynamic will be unique as well.

The book is a look into the daily interactions of a long term married couple and how their dynamic has benefit their relationship. The author is very good at explaining the peace and joy this way of living has brought her. The picture she paints of mental and spiritual intimacy is breathtaking.

I think it is even a good read for someone that may not understand why those of us choose to live this way. I found it clarified things in my own head as to why I thrive from this style of relationship.

“That close attention, to anything at all, important or trivial, is healing. It’s warm. It underscores something I heard or read somewhere years ago: Love IS attention. And I no longer feel childish for wanting it. I know now I do deserve it. The Boss taught me that, too.”

Wow! Love IS attention.  That really is a big one for me.

I really enjoyed this book.


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