I’m wearing leggings and boots for the first time AND out of the house!  I know I jump on the fashion trends real quick. 😝

Don’t look at the pug! That’s not what this is about!

I hope Daddy likes. 


28 thoughts on “Eeek

      • Because you want to please him and therefore hope he will react a certain way.
        And he’ll probably like it.
        But if he’s anything like mine, he may not even notice, because he’s not seeing the outside, but peering directly into your very soul. And I must admit that I prefer that any day!

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      • I’m sorry. But don’t feel bad. Keep dressing like this. Because you like it. And if you do, he will too, because he loves you.

        Sometimes, they are preoccupied by things we have no control over, and no matter how we wish we could take that load from them, all we can do is hope to take their mind off it.
        And we shouldn’t deny the power in *that*.
        Hugs Princess!

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      • Well, I sort of doubted that he wouldn’t like it, really, because what was not to like?
        I’m sorry the erotic art fair wasn’t the success you were hoping it to be. Maybe try something further from town next time? I know it certainly helped me feel much more comfortable the first time I went to the sauna.


  1. This is the 24th comment, Tora-Bora: you should start a fashion blog!! You’re wearing them because they match the purple merkin underneath, right? (I’ll give my bear one more chance…. 🐻 )

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