I received an email from sis-in-law that said she felt we had drifted apart. I think a great deal of it has been that we mostly communicate in email throughout the day both of us being at work. She changed jobs several months ago and as she uses her work email (I cannot get her to use a free one) she didn’t want to be communicating at work. I presume she feels more comfortable now because I am getting emails from her on occasion. I usually wait for her to email first because she really hasn’t given me the all clear.

Some of it though I think is me. I don’t call my mother as much as I used to. I used to call maybe once a week in the evening but now several weeks go by and I realize I haven’t talked to her.
It has all coincided with the D/s. I let a lot of things go when I was caught up in the frenzy.

Now I spend the first part of my evening hanging out with Him. Talking with him or just sitting next to him while he works. There is so little time at night between getting home and His bedtime. After he goes to bed I’m usually chatting online or reading blogs. I am myself at home and online. I can talk about what interests me most – Him and us. I can be silly with my little friends.

I guess I need to try harder to maintain those family connections. I just feel more comfortable floating in my world.


5 thoughts on “Drifting

  1. It was sensible of her to mention it: these things can fester in families with no-one talking about the things they feel. You seem to have understood the situation pretty well, so it shouldn’t become a problem – my wife is Italian and we have her mother living about ten feet away, and she talks to her brother and sisters very often: I’m an uptight Brit, so my brothers and I are cool with an email every so often…

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  2. I can totally relate.
    And, with my news, I know that I’ll have to step away from my blogging family a little, and it sort of saddens me, but I know it’s for the better, long term.
    You’ll find a new balance, soon I’m sure 🙂


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