What’s My Name?
I’m having an online identity crisis. I don’t know what to go by.

I started out as princess on one site. Made several friends that I contact away from there that call me princess. When I went to blog I combined what was to be his identity “Tora” and came up with toraprincess. So most from blog land call me tora. A few I have given my real name in email. When I sign off an email I have no idea what to go by. I’ve confused myself.


18 thoughts on “Identity

  1. TP, I picked an avatar to represent my blog name – and have to explain that I’m male. In reality I look like Nick Nolte’s DUI mugshot:!/img/httpImage/image.jpg_gen/derivatives/gallery_1200/nick-nolte.jpg

    ….only fatter…..

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  2. I love this post! I’m feeling full of advice and deeply philosophical today…(struggling not to say “sorry.”) What is a name anyway? It’s only a word that we choose to associate an identity with. We build up an image in our mind of who “Tora” or “princess” is. Who you really are is the presence underneath all names. Nameless…

    I say you may call yourself whatever pleases you (or pleases your Daddy 😉) for the real you inside needs no name.

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  3. To most online, I am Selina, it embodies who I am at my core but when I grow comfortable I share my real name with others and have found that a name doesn’t make a difference, it is the love and pieces of myself that I share that matters the most to them.

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