Biggest Fear

My biggest fear is to lose you
Not so much that you will walk out but
My thoughts are haunted by scenarios in which you die
The development of our relationship in the last year has made the stakes seem higher
Who else would I ever trust like this
I don’t want to trust anyone else
I don’t want to be without You
Oddly enough though the cost is greater the thoughts aren’t as frequent
Maybe it’s because my mind is preoccupied with the joy I feel
Our connection is more than I could imagine
I know you love me
I truly FEEL it
I am confident that you see how much I love you
Maybe that does bring a little peace to that scary possibility
Maybe I don’t dwell because I know if faced with that reality
I will have peace knowing that we loved each other as hard as we could


4 thoughts on “Biggest Fear

  1. Girl, you’re growing before our very eyes, it’s almost scary – it’s like watching bread dough rise after the yeast is added. I hope your danged Daddy is reading it: this is what every lover wants to hear….

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