No Sucks

*no video for this one and sorry i tend to have days it just rolls out of me

“Daddy I’m horny.” I whispered to him not long after he walked in the door.
“I could tell.”
“You cannot! I didn’t do anything. How could you tell?”
“You’re breathing aren’t you.”
Good point. hmmppfff

Later in the evening I told him I had an idea. Ten minutes later I told him I had an idea. He said you already said that. Yeah but you didn’t ask about. I figured you would tell me when you were ready. I pouted. He asked what the idea was.
I told him I would put on my new outfit (which he has no clue what it is) and then I will be in charge for the evening. He laughed and said “Yeah No.” Wait what? I really thought he would go for this. Like I have said I desire him to control everything not him. Maybe he is liking this power? Hmmmm

“No! It’s not that type of outfit! It’s not a dominatrix outfit.” Giggles far from it. I told him I would not bite. 😉 I told him I would not hit him with anything. He would have minimal work to do. I really thought this was a win win situation.

He said “Not tonight.” My balloon popped. I took a few seconds to adjust. Was I disappointed? Yes but that’s fair. I’m allowed to feel. After a bit of just staying curled up against him he excused himself to the restroom. While he was in there I left the room to advance my itunes transfer. When he came from the restroom he probably thought I was upset. I wasn’t.

I met him back in the room and I turned down the bed and we proceeded with the bedtime ritual. As soon as I was on top of him he said “Please don’t be mad.” It frustrated me that he felt he needed to say that. “Please let me grow. Don’t assume I’m going to always act the way I used to.”

He was hurting. It was obvious when I was laying on top of him. We enjoyed snuggle time and when I left him to sleep I was happy. No sucks and I was so horny but it really only took those few seconds to know it was not rejection.


5 thoughts on “No Sucks

  1. It’s wonderful to get to the point where you are able to process your reactions isn’t it? Opposed to shutting down initially, you were able to understand his side of things as well and n ot take offense. I had a moment like this last weekend, it was such a nice revelation of growth for me. Happy for you!

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