Given Not Demanded

My submission is given not demanded.

I was thinking this morning of how I would react if someone saw what I do for him and made some comment of “That’s the way a woman should be.” I would be defensive. I don’t think that is the way women should be. I could never serve a man purely out of expectation. I would rebel against that as I did for many years. Problem was he never expected it or demanded it.

Thinking along those lines of given and not demanded I realized the same premise holds true for how we carry out our D/s. He doesn’t feel the need for a list of rules. There are very few things he has requested as “rules” and he is increasingly more comfortable with asking me to do something for him. It is up to me to find ways to serve him. He humbly accepts what is freely given.  

So when I may feel frustrated that he isn’t laying down the law i need to remember that my submission is not expected or demanded it is freely given.


4 thoughts on “Given Not Demanded

  1. I am like you, I could never do anything for a man who demands or even expects it any more. Did that for far too long!
    Good for you for seeing it and for seeing the implication on his Domination and the way it plays out.

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  2. i agree whole-heartedly,
    i could never do the things i do for my Master for another.

    i was always the one in control, i handled everything. i bowed to no one.
    my Master doesn’t and didn’t force me to my knees.
    i went willingly, simply to please Him.

    i have a hard time giving respect to those who demand it.
    my Master never demanded anything of me. It came so natural.
    W/we could have been perfect together had W/we met in a different time, in a different place.
    However, i shall take what i can get.

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