Next time someone comments on how long my hair is getting I so badly want to respond with “Gives him more to pull.”

I know how long my hair is. 🙄


23 thoughts on “Duh

  1. It’s been suggested that I am too old for my long blonde locks… That as maybe but I’m certainly not too old for His fingers to grip and pull it … Hard …

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  2. Bwaaahaha… I’ve gotten it both ways… Wow you hair is getting long…and… oh you cut your hair.

    Do people feel the need to just say something, anything?! No compliment, nor criticism, just statements I don’t even know how to respond to.

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  3. Giggles. When Daddy and I got married mine was long. But he really is turned on by shorter hair. He likes to see my neck! And kiss it and bite it and… Anyway, when I decided to stop styling the hell out of it, I cut it into an A-line bob. Shoulder length in front and shorty short short on my neck. Super flattering and still gave him his play options. When I’m feeling naughty, up in pig tails on the sides. Occasionally some master of the obvious comments on how long the front is getting. As if I missed that…I just give them my favorite fake smile and say, “really?”

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