What does 24/7 look like?

I think it is going to look different for everyone but I think if you are already married or in an established relationship it isn’t going to look a lot different than before. It’s not a fairy tale. We still have jobs and family and obligations that don’t allow us to live completely centered on the D/s at all times.

Our kids may notice I am more attentive to him. At night I am spending more time with him before he goes to bed.  There was a very odd look given the other day when I got him out a tray and brought his food to him. We may get more groans and “get a room” comments around our extended family as we are even more affectionate. We are still us just closer.
The real difference is on the inside. I have always loved this man but our connection is deeper. I feel it like a current running between us. He occupies most of my conscious thoughts. I want to please him.  I feel more at peace. I am more me. I am his mind body and soul 24/7.


13 thoughts on “What does 24/7 look like?

  1. i get that completely.
    24/7 is so hard in an LDR.
    But He owns me mind, body and soul.
    Once i surrendered to Him, i gained a sense of peace i didn’t know existed.
    Life has gotten in the way and W/we have seen many speed bumps.
    W/we may have met at the wrong time and wrong place but the universe has a plan for U/us.
    W/we are connected on a different plane and i can’t believe that such a connection could ever exist.

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