Watch Out He’ll Fork You Up


DB the car monkey is prepared to defend his home should that be necessary.

He is also prepared in case someone leaves him some yummy white cheddar macaroni and cheese.


19 thoughts on “Watch Out He’ll Fork You Up

  1. i am an english bird… i work in one of london’s last chandlery’s… they are awesome folk… i am the lowly ebay and odd job girl. my job is to post all ebays out and then take care of all that work there … monday is the day when i cook everyone lunch. it is my way of saying ‘thank you for putting up with me’…. they love my mac and cheese…. sometimes… i go while and put chicken and muschrooms in too – just all me crazy – or … just the pasta bake crazy loon. I hate mac and cheese….

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      • your a riot sweet Toraprincess… Heavens… i can’t even remember this morning… but if i am to earn what i desire… then i must go back through the month and record… and then there are the other little things … that i normally forget… it is not good to forget for Mr F…

        got to tell you … my daughter and i live in a tiny tiny little flat -she has the bedroom, and i sleep in the kitchen – i have redesigned my kitchen… all on my own and now i have a place to eat with my daughter and write. Oh its so nice not to always be on my bed. my back is happier too. its not quite finished. tomorrow i am getting a large piece of wood cut down a little to make a kitchen counter top to go on the hip heigh book case that will be the kitchen counter… but tonight i found an old very wobbly high stool and now i sit on said…. very very wobbly high stool and write … oh it is sooo nice…

        and then there is you – distracting me with insane multi coloured creatures in a car who like mac and cheese… are you going somewhere lovely – have you packed a suitase …

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      • You are quite resourceful and you make the best of everything especially your time with him. I strive to achieve that.
        He will be coaching games in a tournament. I will watch his and in between hang with my oldest and wedding plan.

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      • Thank you angel face – i love love love things that have been of use to others and have had a past life. New things have little interest to me – especially things with a name on it… and for Mr F – time is so very very precious. i wish though i was able to be part of His normal every day life – but one day that too will come and i will forget these long lonely days.

        … you have me intrigued… wedding plan?

        you must please forgive me – i have begun menopause … – i shall sail through as i have a gentle nutty nature… but it has robbed me of my memory – long and short term…

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