Supporting the Coach

We are away for a weekend tournament Daddy is coaching. I am doing my best to meet his needs and be supportive. I am not dwelling on the fact his attention isn’t with me, there is no alone time and our nightly ritual is on hold.

I am fetching ice, making his coffee, filling his water bottle as the game ends and giving back massages before he naps. I am asking what’s next in a completely what do you need me to do manner and just going with his flow. I am biting my tongue and not complaining – ok except about the no hot water in the shower I mean seriously! I did bite the bullet and get the shower and didn’t bother him anymore other than to tell that I did mention it to the desk. 😉

The games have not been going our way and he is frustrated. I am being, I hope, calming and attentive. I am listening to his frustrations and reassuring him that he is doing a good job. He tries to discredit that by saying I have no clue about basketball and coaching. That may be the case but I know that he is pushing his comfort zone in defending his team against crappy calls.

This weekend may not be going as he had hoped but I want him to look back and know that I had his back and I did not bring any more stress into the situation but helped to manage it.


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