An Opportunity 

I don’t always speak up when something I say could be controversial or just in disagreement with another. OK I rarely speak up.

Facebook is no exception to that even though I find interacting online easier than face to face. I’m trying to drop that and post what I want when I feel it. 

Today I was presented with an opportunity. A friend posted the link to the article below and commented that it sounded like a 50’s housewife. 

I really wanted to say something. So I commented back “I think the author has a point it’s those little things that really are huge.”

It’s not big but it’s stepping out of my comfort zone. Just maybe she will look  at the article a little differently. It really was about how we need to treat our spouses like they are the most important thing to us.

One Simple Way to Start a Small Blaze in Your Marriage


7 thoughts on “An Opportunity 

  1. way to go, Tora! I think you are right about the article. The author made a helpful observation on how something that seems little can really harm a relationship.

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