Luckiest Girl Ever

I got the basket I wanted!!!!!!

He bought it as a present for making it through probation. 😍😍😍



Best Laid Plans…

So the plan for the evening was to have a quick dinner with the kids and then lock ourselves in our room for the night. We planned to talk, I have two pages of notes 🙂 and of course some playtime.  

WELL…. The vehicle we have been nursing along hoping that it would last through the summer went caput on the side of the road. Most likely it’s done for and now we are back to stressing about getting another one. 

I immediately knew the plans for the evening would quite possibly be off. Handling my disappointment is very much a challenge. I knew if I was upset about this I could really upset him. I feared a repeat of a very bad anniversary we had when fixing the a/c in August was more important. Other things had happened in the day and I was emotional. 

I made it through though thanks to all I’ve learned in the last year and friends made. I had Whitey my purse stuffie that I took out and rubbed and hid under my shirt for a while. A friend and I did some wonder twins thing that I had to wikipedia and ask Daddy about last night. tee hee I also had some free time between work and meeting Daddy so I decided to try Tatiana’s $5 Fun Hunt. It really helped to get my mind off it.

So the evening consisted of him and his brother towing it out to his parents where I met him. After a quick romantic dinner at Wendy’s we ended up home well after his bedtime. It was late enough and the day had been quite taxing that I planned to go to bed with him. He did not know this but when he was ready for bed he informed me that once the door closed I would not be leaving. I think I melted. 😀 Snuggles, a quick fuck and falling asleep in his arms wasn’t the plan but it was perfect. 

My Submission 

My submission isn’t about him. It is who I am. I own it, I control it and I give it. It does not matter what he does. I do not control him. My actions do have a positive effect on him but I cannot decide what that will be. My goal is to please him and that is my reward. I am truthful and honest about my desires and he chooses which to fulfill. My submission is not withheld based on his actions. My submission is not defined in the eyes of others. It needs no one else’s approval or acceptance. My submission is my expression of love.
Thank you Daddy for the best year. 

The Best Year

Words have never been easy for me and I never could find a way to tell you just how I felt about you. I looked at D/s as a way to express it for me. So thinking that I could now find words to describe just how amazing this last year has been is laughable. Truth is one writing cannot fully express everything I feel. I have reviewed my journal and blog posts from the last year and all of those combined are testament to the growth we have made. The amount I have written surprises me but I have been inspired. I read some of it and I cannot believe I wrote it. So this journey has brought words out of me. It is an ongoing expression that flows as it is felt. 

You bring me peace and I feel cherished. I see your need for me and that makes me feel important. When you agreed to be my Daddy it showed you accepted all of me. 

Thank you Daddy. I am so very lucky.

Yes I Did

My sister says there is wine in the kitchen if you would like some. I looked up at Daddy and said can I and he nodded. 

“Did you just ask permission?!?!” She says dumbfounded.

I just grinned.

Yes Yes I did. 😉 



I told Daddy tonight this has been the best year ever.   I am so fabulously happy.   That saying I lose focus and make mountains out of molehills.  I’m very thankful to my friends that are there to listen and slap some sense in to me. Several have done that this weekend.

It’s great to talk about the positives but you need somewhere to go when you are having a melt down too.

❤ you all here that read and comment you are wonderful.  –  em, ll and angel ❤❤❤

The video is fun.  Love the Home soundtrack.


My submission is freely given.

It is not something he demands or fights for. I chose this to demonstrate my faith, love and trust in him. I believed this could take our relationship to another level. He has marveled in our connection and assured me that next level has been achieved.

I am his strong wife and I requested to kneel at his feet. He wants no one to believe he put me there. Now he speaks his mind freely and with confidence because I listen and do not belittle him.

His requests are few but they are important to him. Very little of our dynamic is scripted. We are who we are.

My submission is about love.