Male Model?


This guy is in search of a job. He actually doesn’t want one but I insist. Batteries and trash bags are not cheap.

He can be quite demanding banging his toy against the door until you turn it on for him. He plays a bit then takes off leaving it running. The second it is turned off he’s back for more. This week he has returned to his stray cat ways and resumed shredding the kitchen trash bag and knocking the can over. I don’t know how much more mental stimulation i can provide him. As it is you’d think we live in a petco.

So what do you think? He thinks he’s model material but I think he can be rented out to people considering a cat. He can shred things, make a mess, run crazy all over the house and meow at insane hours of the night. If they still think he’s cute then by all means get a cat. Just make sure you have a monthly battery and trash bag allowance.


9 thoughts on “Male Model?

  1. Well my four year old niece wants a cat (her nearly two year old brother isn’t the fluffy pet she dreamed about), my brother in law is a dog person, and my sister said no pets in their house until both children are a little bit older & can be somewhat responsible for said pet.

    I say that floofy is cute enough to model. Of course I don’t want a male cat in my house pissing on everything (if I wanted my everything pissed on I would’ve kept drinking and pissing all over myself).

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  2. try taking his bell off … he is very beautiful. we have a guest cat and he is driving my cat, charlie … bonkers. little black and white wants to play ALL the time … and beautiful charming charlie … my cat … well he just wants to sleep especially at 3am …

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