I think we have been outed to a degree.

Today at a big family lunch for the mother in law one of our kids says to me “I watched 50 shades so now I know what that thing is in your bathroom”. I made a rope flogger and it has been hanging on the back of the door for months. Then the 15 year old says LOUD from across the table “What the flogger?” OMG I was just dumbfounded that she said it. I attempted to steer the conversation back to the adult toy store we had been talking about. lmao I’m not shy of the topic but Uh wow Daddy and I were both a little red. The table was very long so those that heard only included my sister and brother in law and maybe nephew but still – omg.

So earlier in the day when I “joked” I was going to turn the kid’s room into a “red room” when she moved out and she said it was too small and I said “I don’t know” as I made swinging motions with my arm…… oy vey

It makes me wonder if they suspect or assume the D/s part.


21 thoughts on “Outed?

  1. I think kids are happy when parents are happy. They will harass us, but do not realize the implications of their words. I KNOW ours have seen a variety of toys. I suspect the youngest has put it together. I doubt they really want me to verify it, so we’ll all continue to ignore the elephant in the room. Giggles. Good luck with YOUR elephant, Ana!

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  2. Society has made anything other than vanilla, shameful. That’s why we squirrel ourselves away in the bdsm community. But times are changing. The LGBT community is now enjoying a huge rise in societal acceptance, so why shouldn’t every other “alternative” relationship?

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  3. Well… good for your kids, and good for you too. And whoever doesn’t want you like you are, who needs them? 😉

    Sigh! I’m still hoping my kids don’t figure out completely that I have a lover. Though it’s only a matter of time. Imagine the conversation:
    Kid 1: “Mom, where did you get these roses?”
    Me : “Someone gave them to me when I left a venue the other day”.
    Kid 2: “So, where did you get them?”
    Me: “When I went to a restaurant the other day.”

    I couldn’t really say the gay receptionist gave them to me when I left the swinging sauna the other night, could I?


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  4. So funny… I’ve been questioned on the Yes Sirs and the counting … And I KNOW implements have been seen whilst girls were snagging my nail polish…and our under bed restraints fall to the floor constantly. But they’ve never brought it up! My face would be so red.


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