I have heard some subs say that their collar or whatever piece of jewelry represents their D/s means more to them than their wedding ring. When I was new and caught up in the frenzy I thought I understood that. Not so much anymore. The other night I was just staring at my rings and I broke into tears. They are the most gorgeous pieces of jewelry I own.

My rings are Very inexpensive. The engagement ring is a small chip that he paid cash for at the age of 19. Our bands are plain gold purchased at Walmart. His ring isn’t even a circle anymore and he can only wear it one way on his finger because of the way it is bent. He refuses to get it fixed.

The three rings may be worth a total of less than $300 but they are priceless to me. With the exception of time during pregnancy these rings have been on my hand every day for more than 23 years. I love my anklet that represents our D/s. The D/s has brought a change in our relationship that is beyond amazing. None of that minimizes the history these rings have seen.


5 thoughts on “Rings

  1. Oh my friend, I am totally with you. I still wear the single, thin gold band D got me at 19 and it wasn’t more than $75 back then.

    There’s not enough bling in the world to make me take it off.

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  2. This was beautiful and touching, TP. My engagement ring cost Daddy $165. It probably took him years to pay that off. My wedding ring was gold from zillions of rings and other jewelry that friends from church gave us and the stones were from a ring his mom had. There is nothing more beautiful in the world. When I look at it, I see sacrifices and hopes invested by him, his parents, and those beautiful people at our church. His wedding ring was also from Wal Mart and after it broke once and we had to cut it off later, he spent $60 to get its inscription tattooed on his finger instead.

    I have very meaningful submissive jewelry from him. None expensive. My locked collar is especially dear. It symbolizes to me my commitment to be fully present in our relationship and to completely honor his leadership.

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    • Dumb WP cut me off!

      But I agree about the wedding rings, noting can represent that history like they do. Nothing else captures that time in our lives when we dared to buck convention and marry. Nothing else conveys our sacrifices like those inexpensive rings.

      I will say that my locked collar is a constant reminder that I choose him, us, and this over the way the world lives. I can’t take it off. I can’t trade it for other more beautiful decoration. I am committed to our simple way and I can’t back down. That’s what I see in the morning when I glimpse that in the mirror.

      My collar is not more important than my rings because they don’t represent the same decision.

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  3. I completely agree Princess… to my mind, a wedding ring is a symbol to all that you love the person you’ve married so much that you want to spend the rest of your life with them, just as the wedding is a public declaration of this. My collar is very important to me as it is a very concrete symbol of my submission, but my submission would be useless if my Queen and I did not wish to spend O/our lives together. One definitely builds on the other.

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